The Social Media Factor

With social media playing a large role in most peoples lives, NFL teams utilize this to their advantage. Teams use these platforms to both promote their team as well as attract positive attention. Posts include everything from creative videos to giveaways to timelapse and much more.

In 2017 the Dallas Cowboys were one of the more active teams on social media with their #EarnTheStar campaign. The purpose of this campaign was to promote the tradition of playing for the Cowboys. They included comical posts as well however to attract different audiences.

When Vidauntae “Taco” Charlton was drafted by the Cowboys in 2017 a picture was posted with him holding a plate of tacos on their Instagram. Posts like these make it fun to follow your favorite team on social media.

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Time to eat! 🌮🌮🌮 #CowboysDraft

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The Cleveland Browns have been virtually silent when it comes to creative content on social media. Last year they began to make short videos for Instagram showing players warming up before the games but that was as creative as it got. With only one win in the past two seasons, I imagine it was hard to have a positive attitude and get players to do creative videos.

With all of the hype that has surrounded the Browns this offseason, their social media team has been more active. In July when players were returning to Berea, a spoof of ‘The Office’ intro was released. Although it may not seem like a big deal, it attracted a lot of positive attention from around the league and even became trending on Twitter.


Within the last ten days, the Browns released two more videos through social media that quickly took over the internet. On August 21st Baker Mayfield showed his best impression of the GM John Dorsey. A week later rookie wide receiver Blake Jackson recreated the famous ‘contagious’ speech veteran wide receiver Jarvis Landry gave during the first ‘Hard Knocks’ episode.

You might think, so what? The Browns made a couple of funny videos, whats the big deal? The big deal is that these posts are bringing a kind of attention to the Browns organization that has not been attracted since 2007 when the team finished 10-6.

This attention shows the changing attitude inside the organization. Hopefully, the social media team can keep up with posts like this and the team can do their part on the field throughout the season.


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