The Baker Era Has Begun

Baker Mayfield led the Cleveland Browns to their first win since 2016. Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

During the week 3 edition of Thursday Night Football, Baker Mayfield made his highly anticipated debut. Near the end of the second quarter, starter Tyrod Taylor was knocked out of the game with a concussion. This meant Cleveland would finally be able to see their number one overall pick in regular season action.

At this point in the game starter, Taylor was just 4 for 14 with only 19 passing yards. I think I speak for Browns fans everywhere when I say he did not live up to the expectations. I defended Taylor throughout the offseason and even through the first two regular season games.

Him getting knocked out of the game can possibly be the best thing to happen to this franchise since their return in 1999. Watching the game you could feel the stadium erupt with electricity with every pass Mayfield threw. His first drive ended on a field goal but those were the first points the Browns scored that night.

In the second half, Mayfield showed off his accuracy and his ability to avoid pressure. He showed no signs he was nervous. It was like he has been here before.

He would finish the game 17 of 23 for 201 yards. That’s almost as many yards as Taylor threw for in the entire game against New Orleans. Mayfield did it in just over two quarters which led to the first Browns win since 2016 which meant the victory fridges opened.

Although he has yet to throw his first NFL touchdown, he caught a two-point conversion to tie the game late in the third which sent the football world into pandemonium.

Mayfield was officially named the starting quarterback by Hue Jackson this afternoon even though Taylor cleared concussion protocol. If Taylor was named the starting quarterback petitions and protesting would have probably gathered outside the practice facility in Berea.

The Browns travel to Oakland to take on a struggling Raiders team next Sunday. Mayfield will bring along the momentum from Thursday night. The culture change has taken a huge step with Mayfield now starting. Let’s see how the already high number of bets on the Browns in Vegas from the beginning of the season jump up with the number one pick at the helm of the Browns.



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