We Need Robotic Referees and We Need Them Now

This past Sunday the Browns were so close to starting a winning streak for the first time in what seems like a decade. However, with some very poor calls late in the fourth quarter, this did not happen.

The first stop on this misery train will take place with 6:35 left in the 4th. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr fumbled the football and it was then picked up by Browns’ defensive lineman Larry Ogunjobi. Ogunjobi had nothing but open field in front of him and would have ran it back for a Browns touchdown. The Raiders ended up punting on this drive and Browns running back Nick Chubb ran for a 41-yard touchdown a few plays later.

You might think, well they got the points anyway, does it really matter? It does. The defensive touchdown could have killed the remaining hope Raiders fans had. Even ESPN College Football Analyst Kirk Herbstreit showed his confusion on social media.

Our second stop brings us to Carlos Hyde. With only 1:36 left in the 4th the Browns running back ran the ball on a crucial 3rd and 2. After the run officials mark Hyde past the first down marker. Even the chain gang was brought out and confirmed the call.

Replay officials in New York thought different and reversed the call. If called a first down this would have virtually ended the game on the spot. That did not happen, however. The NFL released an explanation for this call but not for the no fumble call.

There has been talk in the MLB about robot umpires for years due to human umps missing crucial calls. It seems very unlikely that robot refs will be introduced to the NFL anytime soon. However, if they are brought in at some point it would give fans a reason to stop complaining about calls and being outraged at the league every fall Sunday. Besides, the NFL cares about the fan experience and not about money, right?