Finally a Promising Young Group

We all know that Baker Mayfield was drafted first overall by the Cleveland Browns in this year’s draft. Do you remember Nick Chubb being drafted? What about Denzel Ward? Ward was drafted fourth overall and Chubb was drafted thirty-fifth overall.

Ward has won Rookie of the Week in weeks one and five. Chubb won the award in week four. Baker won in weeks three, seven, and nine. Both Nick Chubb and Baker Mayfield are nominated for this weeks Rookie of the Week once again.

The Browns have had a player win Rookie of the Week six out of nine weeks. This is more than just a few rookies performing well on a team that went winless last season. These three players are giving the Browns the foundation that is needed to become a winning football team.

The Browns used to be a powerhouse football organization. From 1946 to 1995 the Browns placed either first or second in their division thirty-five times. Crazy, right? They also won every AAFC championship when they were still in the AAFC. After the merger, the team won three NFL championships in six years. The Browns were the Patriots before the Patriots became the Patriots.

Since the franchise returned to Northeast Ohio in 1999 it has been hard for both the team and the fans to find multiple franchise type players to root for. If you include last years number one overall pick Myles Garrett, there are potentially four franchise players. First comes young talent. The comes old and wise coaching. This is the foundation that can lead the Dawg Pound fans to a championship.

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